Wedding, wedding, wedding???

Soooo, weddings can be really unpredictable…and so can life! Right now I am trying to figure out what to DO about my wedding. First off, money is a big issue, and also weight, and location. So, right now we are trying to decide if we want to postpone our wedding or go ahead and have it in about 7 months. The thing is, my fiance` wants to start EMT school in January, which would put him still in school when our wedding is supposed to happen. I’ve always wanted a beach side wedding is my dream wedding. I love the idea of sand, waves, shells, everything so pretty and romantic…its the PERFECT wedding for us, I know it. Unfortunately if we have the wedding in seven months, it’s not going to be a beach wedding, it’s going to be an Ozarks wedding, at a river, or lake or something. But I can’t find a perfect spot-I’ve looked and looked and looked-but nothing is what I want…and I’m beginning to think that it’s because I really want a wedding beach side deep down. I know that it would be a “destination” wedding but I don’t care. I know all the people important to me would go-well, mostly. Probably not my grandparents because they would be hard pressed to make it to my actual wedding here where I live! So, it’s a big decision and I’m not sure if I am ready to make it or not yet! BUT I am having my wedding dress custom made-and she wants to start my dress in January if I am getting married this year-so that’s a lot to decide about! I just feel like I have NO idea what I REALLY want-its frustrating! Grrr. I might be stalling on my wedding because I’m just not SURE if we want it in 2011 or 2012! That’s something we need to figure out soon though-eep!! Gah, wedding planning is a headache!


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