Death. Drama. Dreams.


So, my Oma died this past Thursday. It was a blow for sure. 😦 November 4th, Aunt Roxann found her at her home dead from a massive heart attack. Just one day before her 77 birthday. 😦 It was a shock to everyone. I know its something that happens to everyone-we all die-but I didn’t think it would be so soon. She’ll never see me married, or my kids when I have them. They won’t get to have a great-grandma. 😦 That just sucks. Such a tragic year for my family. Everyone thinks that the reason she died was because she had such a shock when our cousin Matthew died 6 months ago. He was like her “golden boy” and I think she never got over the fact that he died. So, sad news for the family.

My wedding is coming along-SORT OF. Sometimes I feel like nothing is getting done, and then sometimes its like I feel like I have to get EVERYTHING DONE. And in the end-NOTHING gets done. LOL. But I’ve been having some problems with bridesmaids-who’s walking with who drama and then just straight up moodiness that comes and goes and it really freaking annoying!! Oh my life can never be simple-of course not. *sigh* Okay, I guess that’s enough Pity Party for Bronwyn. Haha.


Me and Nathan are hoping to move to Springfield soon, we want to go up and look at some houses next week and see if we like them enough to rent them 🙂 He’s also been applying at places trying to find a job and I am going to start looking more earnestly. I REALLY want to start my Cosmetology School up there already! I want to get some wicked tricks with hair and nails and start making the $$. I am tired of this mediocre life and I want more-I feel like I have wasted the last year and a half-and I want to get my life going dammit! LOL. I want a house and kids and crap soon-so I don’t want to keep waiting around for something to happen. I’m gonna grab the bull by the horns and MAKE it happen for me. Seriously. This year is gonna be a good one (2011) and I intend to make it the best I can. 2010 has been good and bad and tragic and I want 2011 to just be good, amazing, awesome, and wonderful!!! Yay go positive vibes!!! 🙂

*OK, that’s it*


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